Vanilla Extract

Vanilla is one of the best-known aromas in the world. It is originated from Mexico, Madagascar, Java and the Antilles. The vanilla aroma is derived from the ripened fruit of the world's only edible producing orchid, called Vanilla planifolia. These fruits, which are harvested when they are green and dried after being scalded in water, become black. Vanilla, which is of a stick-shaped, is pure. The way to get the strongest taste from vanilla is to split the vanilla stick with a knife and use the black vanilla beans inside. Vanilla is used for many different purposes and ingredients, from food, tea, cosmetics and making medicines more palatable. Mythologically, the smell of vanilla is considered to be an aphrodisiac effect. Also, the smell of vanilla triggers the serotonin hormone (the hormone of happiness) in humans. The reason why people love the smell of vanilla is having the smell of mother, in other words, the most important reason why vanilla has universal popularity is that it carries the smell of breast milk and therefore it is one of the smells that we first met. We harmonize vanilla with comfort and safety. Today, many perfumes, candles and lotions are vanilla-based or prepared by being added vanilla.

Vanilla is used in 3 ways. You can use vanilla as a whole, that is, as a stick, as a powder by grounding, as an extract, or as a paste (mashing). Perhaps, the most popular field where vanilla is used is ice cream and milk desserts. But in general, it enriches the taste and aroma of all desserts, pastries, coffee, chocolate and many other food products. Besides, the cosmetics sector is also one of the fields where vanilla is heavily used. You can add vanilla as a whole to the meals and desserts that you will cook. There are different methods of use here. For example, when boiling milk for puddings, you can boil it with a vanilla stick for a certain period of time. If you want to give a stronger aroma, you can use the vanilla stick by dividing it in half longitudinally in the middle. You can also use it for decorating your meals and desserts. In addition, you can give its aroma completely to the product by keeping it inside your products, such as sugar, honey or jam for 1-2 weeks.

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